Friday, March 30, 2007

5 Beads

I made these beads today.....they're are layered each case,base beads encased with two different colored transparents....with squiggles in white on the surface:)...there are more in the making:)!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


My bead is a bead in the making.
Every bead begins with a basic core…which is then surface embellished to add color and texture….and finally,it is encased-to enhance the magic that has thus far been created and to keep the treasures within protected.
The clear glass spiral is the motion of the molten glass frozen eternally….and sybollically, also the bead’s aspiration to keep evolving…the glass,the bead and the artist can go as far as they choose to…
This aspiration is echoed in the Silver wire wrapped frame pendant that houses the bead and becomes a part of the necklace strung with Smokey Topaz,Swarovski bicones and Sterling silver nuggets.
The process of Metamorphosis for the bead continues even as it moves on now from being a glass bead to a finished piece of jewelry to being a piece of adornment that has been consciously chosen by a connoisseur to enhance how she/he would look and feel when it is worn…and it is all positively connotative.The journey continues as the piece then graduates from being a piece of jewelry to an heirloom being passed from one generation to the next and on….changing and redefining the life stage of the bead at each step.
Length of the bead:1.6” approx.
Pendant measurement: Frame(sans bail):1.2” x 2” approx.
Total length :2.2” approx
Length of the necklace:18.5” approx(sans pendant)
The finished piece incorporates a handmade focal bead, sterling silver wire and nuggets and clasp,faceted Smokey Topaz nuggets and 4mm Swarovski bicones

Friday, February 02, 2007

Fairy Tale Flourishes

Once upon a time,I dreamed of making my own I would get components and beads from the market and put them together,proud of "making" my own necklaces and earrings....then,I discovered a whole universe of "handmade" beads and components and beckoned...and I responded....believing firmly that the Universe would share the creative bounties with me too....

Gradually, with books and the net to my rescue,I began learning more and evolving...and began getting connected with artists wherever on earth they are:)....literally:)!

I learnt how to make my own lampwork beads from Jeri Warhaftig,and with Polymer clay from Emi Fukushima.....and now,I've learnt how to make my own Fairy Tale flourish Wire pendants frm Matthew Nix.

It's a blessing and privilege to have learnt these skilss and incorporate them in my work to create things I love more with each passing day:).

I'd love to hear from you on them:).

Thank you:)!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Dream Swirls

This is one of my series of essentially handcrafted jewlery series....the focal point is a silver foiled handmade glass bead that dangles proud on an interesting handcrafted silver wire chain....with labradorite nuggets that smile mysteriously in the light to embellish:).

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Enido and Enibacus

The Enido is a wire wrapped (sterling silver) quartz donut jazzed with a handcrafted (sterling)silver chain embellished with black tourmalines and swarovski rondelles and bicones.....and onyx drops....

The earrings are entirely handcrafted....wrapped with silver wire and embellished with swarovski bicones and rondelles and onyx drops.

This one oif Eni Oken's creations that I have been looking at for a long ,long time...and then I got the tutorial...and here we are.....I call this the Enibacus.

This is an entirely handcrafted piece...made with sterling silver wire....and embilleshed with superior quality aquamarine rondelles.The handcrafted silver chain has aquamrines and silver tube beads.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Many Eni Wraps

This is my first wrapped cabochon(a Mahogany Jasper) wrapped a la Eni Oken's gorgeous tutorial:).

Thank you,Eni and all ye artists who enticed me into wire wrapping:).

Do give me your feedback on this 'coz I have many more pretties waiting to be jazzed up...and I'm hooked to wire wrapping right now:).

Also,please visit my website and tell me about it:

Thank you;)!!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Blushing Beauty

A stash of pearls interspersed with tiny glass beads....accented by a sterling silver pendant with Rose Quartz dangles......that's what pretty girls are made of:)!!